Client appreciations of Psychotherapy with Johanna

Working with Johanna I experienced total support and validation of who I am and of my experience.

With Johanna’s support I was to recognise and honour both my strengths and frailties and step forward through my fear and into my future.

Johanna’s work is gentle and empowering, she led me home to myself.

In Johanna’s class I have been included, validated and cared for, more so than ever before.

I honour your work Johanna, you are an inspiration to me as I train as a therapist and I wish you every success with your belonging retreat.

I was seen and acknowledged by you and I was profoundly healed by my experience of the process I went through with the group.

Johanna resonates with compassion and dignity, she is a modern day medicine woman.

Clients express their experience with Johanna
Image Credit: Unsplash